Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have access to all the attractions if I buy the Olympic Passport?

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of our visitors, we have established a series of requirements based on age and stature in order to be eligible to enter our Fun Stations (see point number 16 in this section).

Is the entry of food allowed?

No. Because of the admission code we cannot allow the entry of food or beverages. If food or beverages are found in your possession you will be asked to remove them from our premises. With the Birthday Offers, only birthday cake will be allowed.

Do you have a towel rental service?

We do not currently have this service.

Do you have changing rooms and lockers?

Yes, both services are provided. Lockers are available at $2.00 per day, $12.00 will be charged if you do not return the key at the end of the day. These lockers are not very large, so it is recommended that you bring only items that are necessary, in order to avoid that expense. The Albergue Olímpico is not responsible for items left unattended in the facilities.

Do children have to pay the entrance price?

All children 2 years of age and up must buy the ticket in order to have access to the recreational Fun Stations. Children under two years of age will receive a free pass and must be accompanied by an adult.

I will visit your facilities as the camp leader. Will I have to pay the entrance ticket?

All persons who require access to the recreational resorts must pay the ticket. The only persons excepted from the payment of tickets are children under 2 years of age. In the case of Birthday offers, additional visitors not included in the offer must pay the ticket or be added to the offer by the Manager of the activity.

What is the difference between an adult ticket and a child’s ticket?

Children under 2 years of age receive a free pass, provided they are accompanied by an adult who has paid the entry price. The admission price is the same for everyone, from 2 years and up.

What is the admission price?

Admission prices vary by season and type of Olympic Passport, to wit, senior or disabled. For the current price visit our recreational resorts section.

What should I do if someone in my group is lost?

You need to locate a member of our team as soon as possible so a message can be conveyed through our speakers and so our Security Department can help you in your search.

What is the maximum depth of the pools?

The maximum depth in our waves pool is 5 feet when it is turned off, and 7 feet when the waves are turned on.

Do you have life jackets?

No. However we have certified lifeguards in each of our pools.

Can I bring a float?

In order to maximize safety in our pools and ensure the proper functioning of the filters, the entry of floats is not allowed.

Do you sell food and drinks in the parks?

Yes, visitors have access to points where food is sold, including traditional foods such as pizza, roasted chicken, fried foods and drinks. We also have an ice cream shop.

Do you sell alcoholic beverages?

No, as a part of our institutional policy, we do not allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages in our facilities. The entry of weapons or controlled substances is not allowed either.

Is the entry of children’s cars, Portable Cribs or beach chairs allowed?

Yes, their entry is allowed.

What are the height and age requirements for entry into the parks?

Height requirements vary according to the Fun Station. El Yunque and Toro Negro visitors must have a height of at least 4 feet. For the Ola Marina, children under 9 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Isla Chiquitines and Racers in Villa Enchumba may only be enjoyed by children 4 feet in height or less.

Can I buy the tickets in advance?

Yes, you can buy an Olympic Passport on our website.

Do you provide floats?

Floats are provided free of charge. They may only be used in the Toro Negro slides. For safety reasons the floats shall not be used in the wave pool. These floats must remain in the designated rack.

If I go out of the Park, can I enter again without paying?

Yes, you can come and go freely if you keep your arm band on, during the hours that your ticket is valid.

How do I book a birthday or group offer?

You can contact our customer service offices by calling 787-824-2200 or submit a request for a quote via our website.

Do you have Wi-Fi service facilities?

Yes, we have free internet service in our Fun Stations.