Recreational Resorts

Recreational Resorts



Olimpia, our Family Park, is the ideal place for entertainment and spiritual recreation. Our institution has various family parks and a one-of- its- kind Olympic Museum. We are the leaders of Puerto Rican family recreation!. Added to its impressive range of services are the sporting, educational and health facilities.

Among the recreational facilities are: Campo Chico the mini-golf course; the rock climbing park Piedra Chiquita; water parks such as Villa Enchumbá, Jungla Chica,  Ola Marina, El Yunque, Toro NegroIsla Chiquitines and the Botanical Garden. This variety of recreational Fun Stations are perfect for holding recreational activities throughout the year, such as family picnics, corporate events and summer camps. The activities of these parks provide the economic base that allows us to supplement the government funds for the operation and maintenance of our facilities and the financial resources for the financing of the development of new permanent sports works.

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