Who are we?

Who are we?

The Albergue Olímpico Germán Rieckehoff of Puerto Rico and/or Olympic trust is a training sports and recreation center located in Salinas, Puerto Rico. It is the most complete such Center in America, housing 45 sports facilities in one location. The Lodge enjoys international prestige because of the excellent standard of its facilities and the quality of its services, annually accepting athletes from our country and from around the world, eager to train in our sports facilities, built under rigorous Olympic requirements within the most extraordinary natural environment. We are a private non-profit institution, dedicated to the service of sports, education, family recreation and health for the Puerto Rican people and the world.

The institution has a 1,500-acre space on both sides of the Luis A. Ferré motorway. In addition to extraordinary tropical surroundings, our athletes and visitors enjoy a benign and warm climate throughout the year. This Center has a variety of sports facilities, including: a multifaceted athletic center, physical training and weightlifting gyms of multiple uses, shooting ranges, a baseball, soccer and softball complex for all Olympic modalities, a baseball, soccer and softball complex, an Olympic Aquatic Center, a tennis center, various specialized sports halls and extensive green areas with exciting routes for Mountain Bike and cross country training, among others. These facilities and their spacious conference rooms are ideal for holding corporate meetings, recreational activities of a professional nature for corporations, private and public institutions, and non-profit organizations, in addition to camping trips, family picnics and a multitude of other events. They are used by the various federations affiliated to the Olympic Committee of Puerto Rico, the only residential school specializing in sports (ECEDAO) in Puerto Rico. These facilities are unrivalled for national and international professional sports associations of all kinds. They are ideal for gatherings, training in all facets of sports, the most complete scientific assessment and technical training of professional sports and the training of young athletes for high competition. The Specialized Sports School is located within the facilities and is unique in its kind in Puerto Rico.

Several recreational Fun Stations are added to its Grand Offer, which allow the family to enjoy its serenity, namely: a Botanical Garden, various water-themed parks, rock climbing and a mini golf course. Within this Center is the Olympic Museum of Puerto Rico, the leading exponent of historical documentation of the Olympic movement and the final resting place of the remains of the legendary Puerto Rico leader and founder of the Albergue Olímpico, Don Germán Rieckehoff Sampayo and his wife, Irma Gonzalez Rieckehoff Moran.

You can obtain a digital copy of our corporate book by clicking here.

“In a modern world full of powerful possibilities, which at the same time hold the threat of dangerous decadence, the Olympic movement can be a school for nobility and moral purity, both in regard to endurance and physical energy, provided that you always raise your ideals of honor and selflessness to the height of your physical strength. The future depends on you.” Pierre de Coubertin, Olimpia 1927 (2nd President of the International Olympic Committee).