Training Rooms

Training Rooms


The fitness center is equipped with the necessary equipment for the practice of the six male events and four female competitive events of artistic gymnastics. It has the necessary auxiliary means for the development of the sport in the children’s categories. It also serves as the venue for the Annual Artistic Gymnastics Cup and to teach fitness classes to the public in general.

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The boxing center is equipped with several boxing rings of 576 square feet, sacks, wild pears, pear bases, an extensive area of mirrors on the wall, digital stopwatch, floor area for moving the canvass, and a gymnasium. Pro boxers such as Miguel Cotto, Juan Manuel López and Verdejo Felix, among others, have trained at these facilities.


The fencing room is prepared with 6 tracks, 2 meters wide by 14 meters long each. They are equipped with reels, electronic scoreboard equipment, a wall with mirrors, living room and bathroom. It has folding seats and a room for repairing the florets.

Wrestling and Judo

Wrestling and Judo can both be practiced in one place. The building has a wall with mirrors, benches for coaches and athletes, as well as bathrooms and a changing area.

Tae kwon do and table tennis

This room has six tables for table tennis and a wide area with tatami mats for tae kwon do practice.

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