Shooting Ranges

Shooting Ranges

Pistol and Rifle Range

This facility has three areas: the first one is set up for rifle, pistol and moving target shooting at a distance of 10 meters; the second allows you to shoot with a standard central and rapid fire rifle at a distance of 25 meters, and the third is for target practice with a 22. caliber rifle at a distance of 50 meters. It also has a club house for meetings and bathrooms.

Shotgun Shooting Range

This area has two ranges for target shooting with shotguns and skeet shooting with combined barrels. It has a capacity for 100 spectators, a club house and a gazebo for gatherings.


This area has a shooting range with a capacity for 30 archers, a seating area and a club house overlooking the shooting area. It is also equipped with targets and all the necessary equipment for the practice of this sport. It has a wood-paneled metal fence 8 feet high and 300 feet long to control and prevent the arrows from going out of the field. It was designed according to the specifications of the World Archery Federation (FITA). It has a gazebo for judges and it has hosted events such as the Para-Olympics.

Air guns

A range for shooting with air guns at moving targets. It has a total of 30 ports for shooting at targets 10 meters away, that comply with the international specifications for air gun target shooting.

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