Athletics Center

This center was made possible through the sponsorship of Converse, comprising a multipurpose facility. Our certified 400 meter track, made of Rekortan material, has 10 lanes, a grass oval 10 feet in diameter that can be used for warm-up exercises and workouts on a soft surface. The third oval is divided into two lanes for jogging or walking, and is parallel to the field designed for exercises on an incline. The Center is equipped with lockers for 300 athletes, with facilities for men and women. It also has two areas of hop-along, a high jump area, two areas for shot putting, an area for the Javelin Throw, two areas for the hammer throw, three pole vaulting areas, a technical control area, and a sound and lighting system.

Mountain Bike

The Pinchos Route has several climbs and descents, two tunnels that cross the PR-52 Highway, and bends and straight sections that make it a very interesting and exciting tour. It has bathrooms and showers in the entry and exit areas. Additionally, it enjoys an excellent warm temperature and an arid terrain.

Down Hill

An impressive downhill route for the Down Hill modality, starting at an elevation of 480 feet above sea level. It includes sections of cross country routes, slopes, closed and open curves, with spectacular panoramic views. It can accommodate 1,000 spectators.

Skating Rink

This asphalt track has over 200 meters with wide curves and long straight stretches, that allow the attainment of high speeds. This complies with the official specifications for competitions. The facility also has a parking area, bathrooms, gazebos, and a beautiful natural setting.